The Blind History Lady Presents
Illustrated Elaine Cimino

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Peggy Chong is 

The Blind History Lady

The Blind History Lady Presents

The Blind History Lady Presents; is a developing series of stories depicting the lives of the blind of the United States over the past 200 years. Through these stories, we will all learn of the trials, triumphs and tenacity of these people. We can all see just how much they were just like our ancestors, even though they were blind. 

This webpage and The Blind History Lady stories are designed to help educators, community organization leaders and rehabilitation professionals and teachers, present blindness in a positive and historically correct format. Each story endeavors to portray the actual person, the skills they did or did not have, the support system they developed and how and what they accomplished in their lives.   

Blindness knows no barriers. No minority, culture, age group or educational level is immune from blindness. How we deal with our blindness as individuals and as a society defines who we are. The Blind History Lady has found through research that blindness is not what defined these people, rather a host of many characteristics, settings, education, opportunities and how the blind person themselves, chose to take advantage of them.   

In upcoming stories, we will look at the blind men and women of several professions, the unique way that each of them succeeded and how different they all were, yet still were successes.   

While researching the subjects of these sketches, I have learned so much that applies to the lives of all us, blind or sighted, that inspire me and provide me with new ideas, options, techniques and new dreams for myself and the future as a person.   

My first book, The Blind History Lady Presents; The First Things I:learned, is now available from your favorite eBook store. Or, go to the following link at SmashWords,  

I hope you will download and read this first offering.